Queer pop artist Marie Ulven aka Girl in Red on her place in LGBTQ culture: 'I think it's important to have that person you can look up to'

Once upon a time, queer folks, mostly men, used a coded question to find others when being out wasn't safe: "Are you a friend of Dorothy?"

Gen Z, of course, has its own version, and this one’s by and for the girls: "Do you like Girl in Red?"

Hitting its peak in 2020 thanks to TikTok, the phrase became the fun new code and hashtag/meme for lesbians and bi girls pretty much everywhere. And this time, its meaning is easy to trace — directly to 23-year-old Norwegian queer pop artist Marie Ulven, aka Girl in Red.

Watch Yahoo Life's video interview to hear more from about how Ulven became synonymous with queerness and embraced the hashtag.

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