This Queen tribute tattoo actually looks like her

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A woman has had a lifelike remembrance portrait of Queen Elizabeth II tattooed on her leg in tribute to the late monarch.

Falon Cooper, 37, had planned to get the body art during the Queen’s platinum jubilee earlier this year, but could not find the time.

However, following the Queen’s death, she had image inked on her right thigh over six painstaking hours.

Ms Cooper said: “I’ve got other tattoos and I wanted the Queen anyway and it is something that I have been thinking about for a while with her jubilee.

“I was exploring the option of maybe having a tattooed version of her, but with recent events I just thought that that was a little inappropriate.

“So I just went ahead and got a simple portrait of her as she is, because she doesn’t need to be tarnished up with tattoos - she is pretty much incredible as she is.

Ms Cooper, from Knutsford, Cheshire, added: “It’s not necessarily that I’m a fan of the royals, but it’s the Queen.

“I’m not a royalist but I did take my family down to London over the weekend and went and laid some flowers. It’s just respectful, she’s basically Great Britain.”

Award-winning tattoo artist Alessio Catanzani, of Redemption Tattoo Studio in Sheffield, said it was an “immense honour” to reproduce the Queen’s likeness.

Falon Cooper had the image inked across her thigh (Alessio Catanzani / SWNS)
Falon Cooper had the image inked across her thigh (Alessio Catanzani / SWNS)

He said: “I think it was an immense honour to tattoo the queen in this very important period.

“I am so happy that people have liked it after all the effort that has been made in making this.”

Ms Cooper said: “I knew that it would be incredible because Alessio was doing it, there was no doubt as he is an amazing artist.

“When he finished it, I was just so pleased with it.”

Boss Jordan Stringfellow, 30, said: “The tattoo is brilliant. The likeness of it is just unreal, it’s really capturing the Queen beautifully.”