The Queen and Prince Philip have received Covid-19 vaccinations

Naomi Gordon
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh received Covid-19 vaccinations on Saturday, 9 January 9, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

The couple got the first round of their coronavirus jabs, which were administered by a Royal household doctor at Windsor Castle, a Royal source added.

Her Majesty, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, join more than a million people who have received the vaccination so far.

It was previously reported that the monarch would make it publicly known when she receives the vaccine in a bid to reassure the nation, and as a powerful counter to the anti-vaccination movement.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

The Queen’s public backing and approval is a strong statement against those who oppose the vaccination, which threatens to undermine efforts to end the coronavirus pandemic.

In 1957, the Queen broke with protocol to inform the country that Prince Charles and Princess Anne, then eight and six, had been inoculated against polio to quell public concerns at the time about potential side effects of the polio vaccine.

Prince Charles and Camilla, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also expected to “find ways to let the public know they have been inoculated”, The Sunday Times has reported.

Charles and Prince William have already had Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince Philip have been spending lockdown at Windsor Castle, where they plan to remain indefinitely. The couple recently appeared alongside Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a special gathering in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle to thank local volunteers and key workers.