The Queen just accidentally turned herself into a meme

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The new government lockdown rules aren't exactly the most fun (but they are super important to follow during the coronavirus spread) – so while we're all staying home a lot more, we're looking for silver linings where we can. Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth II herself has just provided us with an absolutely (accidental) corker – yep, our sovereign has accidentally turned herself into a meme.

The photo in question is composed of two images stuck together – the top one being of Her Majesty looking very official and businesslike on the phone, with the bottom showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson doing the same. The official @RoyalFamily Twitter account tweeted the picture out to show that although The Queen is self-isolating (due to her age and Prince Charles testing positive for COVID-19), she still went ahead with her weekly Audience conversation with BoJo.

An Audience is basically a weekly catch-up meeting, by the way, in case you were about to Google it too.

Now, I don't know if it's just me, but the image really reminds me of those times that an older relative would call and your mum would force you to talk on the phone to them, and tell them all about what you'd been doing in school that week? All the while you'd be mouthing "Who is great auntie Ethel?" and scrunching your face up, trying to decipher her thick Scottish accent. No?

Anyway, here's the pic!

The image was captioned with: "The Queen held her weekly Audience with the Prime Minister today by telephone. Her Majesty - pictured this evening at Windsor Castle - has held a weekly Audience with her Prime Minister throughout her reign."

Note also, please, the stunning array of corgi figurines adorning Her Majesty's humble abode and that throwback phone.

Photo credit: CosmopolitanUK

The picture has been a fun starting point for many a meme since it was posted, including this one which re-imagined the phone call by adding in Ricky Gervais, Ellen DeGeneres and Obama. Obsessed.

Others suggested that perhaps Boris and HRH weren't actually discussing official business after all, but rather a shortage of toilet paper.

While one user simply rejoiced in its potential to spawn more comedic content.

BRB, just hopping onto eBay to search for corgi memorabilia.

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