Queen Elizabeth II honoured at state funeral

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Queen Elizabeth II was honoured with a state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday.

The British monarch died at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96 on 8 September, and was succeeded by her eldest son, King Charles III.

The Queen's coffin was borne in procession on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy for the funeral, with her children - The King, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward - as well as her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry, walking behind the carriage.

The King's wife, Camilla, Queen Consort, William's wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as Harry's wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, joined the procession at the church.

The ceremony, which was attended by world leaders including U.S. President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, was conducted by David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster, while the sermon and commendation were given by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

"The pattern for many leaders is to be exalted in life and forgotten after death. The pattern for all who serve God - famous or obscure, respected or ignored - is that death is the door to glory," Welby began, before referring to The Queen's vow on her 21st birthday to dedicate her life to service. "Rarely has such a promise been so well kept. Few leaders receive the outpouring of love we have seen."

Welby went on to pray for the late monarch's family and noted that the grief felt by people around the world was a result of her "abundant life and loving service".

"People of loving service are rare in any walk of life. Leaders of loving service are still rarer. But in all cases, those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are long forgotten," the bishop continued. "We will all face the merciful judgment of God: we can all share The Queen's hope which in life and death inspired her servant leadership... Service in life, hope in death. All who follow The Queen's example, and inspiration of trust and faith in God, can with her say: 'We will meet again.'"

During the service, U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss and the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, read passages from the Bible.

To mark the end of the funeral, The Last Post sounded followed by two minutes of silence observed in the Abbey, and throughout the U.K.

Following the service, The Queen's coffin will travel through London on the State Gun Carriage before beginning a journey to Windsor.

"Not seen on the streets of London since the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965, the State Gun Carriage will be pulled by 98 Royal Navy sailors, with a further 40 marching behind acting as brakes," a representative for the royal family shared.

On Monday afternoon, a group of royal family members will gather for a burial ceremony at The King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Prior to the final hymn, the Imperial State Crown, the Orb and the Sceptre will be removed from Her Majesty's coffin and placed on the altar.

At the end of the song, The King will place The Queen's Company Camp Colour of the Grenadier Guards on the coffin, which will then be lowered into the royal vault.

The Queen is to be buried with her husband, Prince Philip.