Queen’s ‘Disrespected’ Dresser Fires Up the Instagram Outrage Machine

Yui Mok/Pool/Reuters
Yui Mok/Pool/Reuters

King Charles III has reportedly bought the silence of his mother’s former dresser and confidante Angela Kelly with the gift of a house in England’s stunning Peak District.

However, in a classic Boomer error, the king has apparently failed to get Kelly, who was nicknamed AK47 owing to her role as an often ferocious gatekeeper to the late queen, to disarm her social media accounts, from which she continues to post and publicly receive comments that could be construed as attacks on the royal establishment.

The Daily Mail, for example, reports that over the weekend she posted on her Instagram account—agenthighheels—a since-deleted image bearing two quotes, one reading: “No matter how kind and generous you are, you’ll never satisfy an ungrateful person,” and another saying: “Learning how to remain calm when you’re disrespected is a superpower.”

Of course, some might argue that the message could not possibly be aimed at King Charles. After all, being offered a free home for life, as Kelly reportedly has been, is hardly a slight.

However, Kelly is understood to feel deeply angered at the unceremonious way she has been pushed out of royal life—and her home on the Windsor estate, in an eerie foreshadowing of what happened to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and seems to be happening to Prince Andrew—in the wake of the queen’s death. The Mail has previously reported that agents of King Charles presented Kelly with a non-disclosure agreement to sign as part of the deal.

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In the course of her 30 years of service to the queen, where her duties included breaking in the late monarch’s new shoes, as they had the same sized feet, Kelly became so close to Elizabeth that the late queen created a new role for her, naming her, “Personal Assistant, Advisor, and Curator to Her Majesty.”

In an unprecedented move, the queen gave Kelly permission to write a series of three books. Two of these have been published but the third is apparently now on ice after she reportedly agreed to sign a gag order in return for the new home.

But while the book may have been canned, the agenthighheeels account has become a veritable honeypot for anti-Charles opinion to flourish online, not least for Kelly’s sometimes highly passive-aggressive public online comments. In one recent post, Kelly archly wrote to a contact that her “work phone has been disconnected.”

Unknown is whether the account is monitored by Prince Harry, who criticized Kelly extensively in his memoir, Spare, with their frosty relationship said to have become irretrievably poisoned by a row over her not giving Meghan easy access to a tiara she was due to wear at her wedding.

Harry wrote of the episode: “She was being obstructive, obviously, but for what reason? We couldn’t even hazard a guess. Angela was a troublemaker, and I didn’t need her as an enemy. Above all, she was still in possession of that tiara. She held all the cards.”

Harry also claimed: “Among the many services she performed for granny, she was said to be skilled at planting stories.”

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