Queen Camilla’s Niece Reveals ‘Isolating, Agonizing and Completely Unbearable’ Reality of Endometriosis

Ayesha Shand, 29, opened up about what it's like living with endometriosis in an emotional video

<p>Finnbarr Webster - WPA Pool / Getty Images; Nick Harvey/Shutterstock </p> Queen Camilla, Ayesha Shand.

Finnbarr Webster - WPA Pool / Getty Images; Nick Harvey/Shutterstock

Queen Camilla, Ayesha Shand.

Queen Camilla's niece, Ayesha Shand, is opening up about what it's like living with endometriosis.

Shand, 29 — who is the daughter of Camilla's late brother Mark Shand — took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an emotional video.

In the clip, she explained that her diagnosis means she's in "agony" for hours, as well as experiencing symptoms like fainting and vomiting. She added that her "whole insides feeling inflamed" at times.

Shand captioned the post: "This is what endometriosis looks and feels like. It’s isolating, agonizing and completely unbearable."

"Every month, I ingest hundreds of pain killers, faint, vomit, spend nights and days crouched on the floor crying," her caption continued. "This is all followed by intense waves of helplessness and depression."

According to the World Health Organization, endometriosis "is a disease in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus."

WHO stated the long-term condition "can cause severe pain in the pelvis and make it harder to get pregnant" and "can start at a person’s first menstrual period and last until menopause."

Shand, who is set to undergo surgery for the condition in a few weeks, continued in her post: "Endometriosis is very difficult to diagnose, treat and ultimately cure. According to statistics 1 in 10 women suffer from it, but due to the inability to diagnose the condition, it is likely double that."

<p>Alan Davidson/Shutterstock </p> Ayesha Shand and her aunt, Queen Camilla.

Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

Ayesha Shand and her aunt, Queen Camilla.

"Most women live this cycle of pain in silence. I am lucky enough to be operated in a few weeks but for those wanting to know more @endofound is a great resource- an organization dedicated to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research," she added.

"We are also making great strides @wearethecycle trying to help those living in rural communities in India be educated and treated for the condition #endometriosis."

Shand's update comes after her aunt, Queen Camilla, returned to work on Tuesday, a day after King Charles was released from the London Clinic hospital after having surgery for an enlarged prostate.

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<p>Matt Cardy/Getty Images</p> Queen Camilla with King Charles, Annabel Elliot and Ayesha Shand.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Queen Camilla with King Charles, Annabel Elliot and Ayesha Shand.

"The King was this afternoon discharged from hospital following planned medical treatment and has rescheduled forthcoming public engagements to allow for a period of private recuperation," Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

"He would like to thank the medical team and all those involved in supporting his hospital visit, and is grateful for all the kind messages he has received in recent days," the statement continued.

Charles, 75, and Camilla, 76, were pictured leaving the hospital's front entrance together, waving to well-wishers gathering outside as they walked to a waiting car on Monday.

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<p>Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images</p> Queen Camilla and King Charles.

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Camilla and King Charles.

Charles' daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, is also recovering after being discharged from the same hospital as Charles on Monday, 13 days after having abdominal surgery.

The Princess of Wales, 42, will now continue her recovery at her Windsor home, where she lives with her husband, Prince William, 41, and their three children: Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

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