Queen Camilla designer reveals concealed 'secret' in coronation dress

Queen Camilla designer reveals concealed 'secret' in coronation dress

Queen Camilla's coronation gown featured a "secret pocket".

The monarch enlisted designer Bruce Oldfield to create the perfect dress for husband King Charles III's coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday (06.05.23), and the outfit included plenty of interesting tidbits as she too was crowned during the special royal event.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he revealed: "There was one secret, of course. There was a secret pocket.

"So a lot of the time she was going to be sitting on one of the thrones, and so we had to position this pocket [in the front]...

"So, if you pull back this overskirt of the dress, there was a pocket concealed, which you can access [easily]."

Bruce admitted he wasn't sure what the queen would be keeping in the secret pocket, but suggested she could have kept tissues in there in case she got emotional during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the embroidery of the gown was "full of symbolism" and visual iconography, referencing everything from the queen's dogs and grandchildren to all four nations of the UK, including a rose for England.

Bruce explained: "It was full of symbolism, you know? It's all to do with the British monarchy and all those things that make Britain strong.

"We had to put in some things, like the emblems of the four nations.

"The daffodils for Wales... you've got a rose for Britain, you got the thistle for Scotland, we've got the shamrock for Ireland."

The designer has been working with Camilla on her dresses for around a decade, so there were "no sleepless nights over this dress" as he felt fully prepared.

He added: "It [came together] remarkably fast, because I've been making dresses for her for 10 to 12 years, so I kind of know what she likes.

"I really think I do understand her figure, I know what she likes about her figure, I know what she doesn't like... it was very easy for me."