A Pyjama Subscription Service Is About To Upgrade Movie Night

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Carol Yepes - Getty Images

From Delish

What's better than a night out? A night in obv. Those nights you spend tucked up in bed, wrapped in your pj's and enjoying a fat bowl of popcorn, there's simply nothing better. And now that we're dead set into the winter months, it's fair to say those kind of nights will be happening more regularly. Meaning we'll also be in desperate need of MORE pyjamas...and popcorn.

But there's no need to worry, new company Bear and Bunny Boutique, has already delivered a solution. It has introduced a new, rather innovative business concept, by providing a three and six month pyjama subscription service.

It's super simple - all you need to do is decide if you'd like a three-month, six-month or one-off subscription before filling in your clothes size so the PJ angels can adapt each delivery. Delivery is scheduled every month, on the first Tuesday, where you'll receive a fresh new set of pyjamas (yes yes yes) as well as other treats such as Yankee Candles, huge bars of Cadbury and hair and beauty goodies.

So, how much we talking? Prices aren't too bad. The one-off pyjama box, called "Commitment Issues" (obvs) is £19.99, whilst the three-month option, known as "Savvy Sleeper" is priced at £54.99 and includes a 10 per cent discount. And the final package, referred to as the "Nap Queen" (me), is priced at £99.99 and includes a saving of £19 and an extra special treat).

Pretty cool right?

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