Can you put on makeup with a sheet of clingfilm?

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The hack
Keep a spare face of makeup with you, painted on to a sheet of clingfilm, say some on TikTok. Yes, really.

The promise
Micro bags are set to be a fashion staple this season. Could this hack be the way to accommodate a teeny bag without sacrificing your makeup?

The test
This could be my most lol-inducing hack so far. Take a piece of clingfilm double the size of your face and place it over cleansed skin. Make sure it sticks to the top of your face but is left open at the bottom, so you can, essentially, breathe. Then simply apply your regular cream-based makeup products – I opt for concealer, foundation, blush, and lipstick– over the clingfilm. There’s no need to blend, just create dots of product where you’d naturally apply it. Start at the top of your face, then work downwards symmetrically. You should be left with a fake “face” of makeup.

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Take the clingfilm off, fold it in half and pop it in your bag. When you need to freshen up, reapply the sheet to your face and the cosmetics should transfer in the right places.

When I tried it, getting the clingfilm to unfold was tricky – but then I pressed it on to my face, and, sure enough, it worked. A little finger-blending is required, and you’ll need to carry eyeliner, eyeshadow and face powder if you use them. But as a bonus it’s an excellently creepy party trick.

The verdict
It’s not foolproof, but it does work, and saves premium handbag space. If my trusty Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette, (£49), doesn’t fit a clutch, I might give this another go.

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