PureGym reveals what gyms will be like when they reopen after lockdown

Abigail Malbon
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As the UK reduces its coronavirus threat level, businesses are begin to open up. Many shops have already reopened following lockdown, and could very soon be followed by hotels, restaurants and gyms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make the announcement that gyms can reopen from July 4, and it'll be a welcome update for some who have been missing their favourite class. But many will be rightly worried about what distancing and safety measures will be in place going forward.

PureGym is one of the many gyms prepping to make sure customers can keep as safe as possible, and they've revealed their plans for reopening, which include:

Photo credit: PureGym

Boxes to be marked out within the floor space, so that gym-goers can clearly see where they are to stay within whilst they exercise.

Staff to clean kit and surfaces throughout the day. Gyms will also be deep cleaned every night with high-grade anti-viral disinfectant.

Gym-goers to wipe down equipment and machines both before and after use. Self-cleaning stations that contain anti-viral cleaning wipes have been installed throughout the gyms.

Contactless entry with PureGym’s new app or keyfobs. . Hand sanitising stations will also be at the entrance to the gym, and gym-goers will be asked to use these before they enter.

The gym also revealed that it will be limiting the number of people in the gym at one time by using a new app which will give visibility of how busy a gym is at given time, so that you can check beforehand and avoid queues.

And to limit the contact members have with each other, working out closely in pairs or groups and ‘spotting’ will be prohibited - so while your next gym session might be a very different experience to those pre-lockdown, at least you'll definitely be safe.

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