Pump up Your Pecs at Home in 15 Minutes with This Bodyweight Chest Blast

Pump up Your Pecs at Home in 15 Minutes with This Bodyweight Chest Blast

Training your chest at the gym is easy. There are benches, machines and cables to give your pecs a thorough going over. Working your chest at home is more difficult, but certainly not impossible. Try these chest exercises and bodyweight chest blast from our Fitness Editor, Andrew Tracey, which will pump up your pectorals as well as any dumbbell or barbell ever could.

Bodyweight Exercises to Build a Bigger Chest

You can see these exercises in action in the video above, but here's a little bit more about them.

Feet-elevated Ppess-ups

By elevating your feet, you're going to make your regular press-ups a little bit more difficult and give your chest a little bit more resistance to battle against. For this move, you can use a box, a bench, a chair, even your sofa will do, as long as your feet are elevated to around knee height. Remember, the higher you go, the more difficult the exercise is going to be. Go too high though, and your body will be more vertical than horizontal, at which point, you'll be working your shoulders, rather than your chest.

Hands-elevated press-ups

For the hands-elevated press-up, you're switching things around, with your hands and upper body on a box, a bench or a chair – best to avoid the sofa this time and use something that's more stable. Doing press-ups like this will work your lower chest, activate your triceps and make the movement slightly easier. ‘Ideal if you're struggling to get higher reps in those regular press-ups,’ says Tracey.

15-Minute Bodyweight Chest Blast

Using a mechanical dropset and working from the most difficult movement to the easiest, begin with 5-to-10 feet-elevated press-ups. Follow this up with 10-to-20 reps of regular press-ups and finally, hit 15-to-30 reps of hand-elevated press-ups, our easiest movement. If you want a real challenge you can keep performing hand-elevated press-ups until failure. Once you've finished the final exercise, rest for a minute before going again for a total of 15 minutes.

  • Feet-elevated press-ups x 5-to-10 reps

  • Press-ups x 10-to-20 reps

  • Hand-elevated press-ups x 15-to-30 reps

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