Pump Up the Jam, 'Cause These Stirrup Leggings Make Me Wanna Dance With Somebody

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. And while that's truly how I feel about my Old Navy stirrup leggings , it's also the lyrics of the song playing on my speakers as I type.

Let me back things up. When it comes to my typical workout wear, I seem to have gotten into a real (yet unintentional) 1980s groove with an affinity for colorful matching sets and biker shorts and oversize tops. But, on a recent online shopping trip, I spotted these throwback pants that made me go one step further, picturing fitted bodysuits and big blowouts (which are also two favorites of mine).

I was even more excited when they arrived. Not only does the sleek fabric feel great against the skin, the stitching makes my short legs look longer and leaner, too. I immediately turned on some '80s dance music, and that's how we got to this point where I'm pausing the playlist to head to a workout class. Find out how they fared there - and shop for yourself - ahead.

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