This psychedelic visual novel set in a monster-collecting RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC

 Dome-King Cabbage featuring in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023
Dome-King Cabbage featuring in the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023

Dome-King Cabbage, an upcoming visual novel that takes place inside a kooky monster-collecting RPG, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

The latest offering from indie developer Cobysoft Co, we've had our eye on this charming yet trippy title for awhile now. Following a trailer showcased at tonight's Future Games Show, publisher Hyper Real confirmed Dome-King Cabbage's release platforms by adding Nintendo Switch to the mix alongside its PC release. It's slated to launch sometime in 2024, though no concrete date has been given as yet.

According to its Steam page, Dome-King Cabbage takes us through a day in the life of a very nervous creature named Mush as he prepares for a job interview. It might look like a live-action game at times, but the whole thing is entirely digitally-created. Its unique style is bolstered by the fact that, being predominantly a visual novel that's just set in the world of a monster-collecting RPG, the format it takes is expectedly strange.

The trailer shown at Future Games Show shows plasticine-like creatures one moment and top-down 2D pixel perspectives the next, the latter the latter taking the shape of some of the best Pokemon games from the 90s. Complete with lo-fi beats for a relaxed vibe and distinct contrasting visuals, Dome-King Cabbage is set to be one very mixed, very strange bag set in an ever-shifting psychedelic world.

Dome-King Cabbage will launch in 2024 on Nintendo Switch and PC via steam, and is available to wishlist now.

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