PSA: Twix Frappuccinos Are A Thing Thanks To Starbucks' Secret Menu

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Frappuccinos are top-tier, especially when they're from Starbucks. And our latest secret menu discovery proves just that... Introducing, Starbucks' Twix Frapp.

Yep! You can actually get your hands on this iconic chocolate-flavoured iced coffee, and it's about to change your life.

So, how do you order it? Just ask for a chocolate cream frappuccino with caramel and hazelnut syrup, and mocha and caramel drizzle. Doesn't that sound ridiculously delicious? Whatever you do, don't forget that caramel drizzle!

The perfect drink for when that sugar-rush hits, this iced beverage combines caramel, shortbread and chocolate flavours to make the ultimate frapp. And TBH, we can't think of anything more delicious right now...

See you at Starbucks, people!

Thanks to a range of internet sleuths and genius baristas, there's a whole selection of delicious off-menu drinks you can try this summer (we've even rounded up some of our favourites here). But this Twix Frappuccino has to be stand-out!

Answered Kinder Bueno to the above poll? Head this way, because you can even get your hands on a Kinder Bueno Frapp, too.

If frapps aren't your go-to, then maybe you'd prefer a selection of insane *secret* smoothies. Specifically Starbucks' Mango Solero Smoothie (you heard me).

Just one simple swap of ingredients and you're onto a winning summer drink that tastes identical to the iconic Mango Solero. You're welcome!

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