PSA: Galaxy's New White Hot Chocolate Comes With Sprinkles AND Marshmallows

Marianna Gould
·1-min read
Photo credit: Galaxy - Getty Images
Photo credit: Galaxy - Getty Images

From Delish

A good hot chocolate hits differently. Especially one that comes complete with sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles. Want to know where we're going with this...

Galaxy's all-new Birthday Cake Edition White Hot Chocolate!

Spotted on John's Snack Reviews, the hot chocolate is available in B&M stores now, and features a delicious mix of mini marshmallows and coloured strands (aka sprinkles). The ultimate afternoon treat, we can't help but imagine drinking mugs upon mugs of this stuff. Can you blame us?

John's Instagram post has left fans eager to try the new drink. One fan commented, "NEED this!! 😍😍😍." While another tagged a friend and said, "Sorry but we need this." We're with you on that one!

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Galaxy's Birthday Cake Edition White Hot Chocolate is available in B&M stores now. But be quick! Because we're not sure how long it'll be around for.

In other hot chocolate news, have you seen Bounty's Hot Chocolate?

Spotted in Home Bargains, the hot chocolate comes loosely packed in a pouch for just 99p. It's described as "super creamy" and is meant to taste exactly like a melted bounty bar. Sign us up!

Perfect for those before-bed moments when you fancy something nice and easy to guzzle down, this hot choc will certainly give you sweet dreams. Not to mention, it literally tastes like paradise. You know, coconuts and everything.

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