PSA: Galaxy Cookie Crumble Iced Hot Chocs Are A Thing Thanks To Starbucks' Secret Menu

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It's hot outside, but you're not craving something fruity (like most people). Instead, you want something chocolatey. Fair enough, how about an iced hot choc? But, not just any old iced hot choc, we're talking about Starbucks' Galaxy Cookie Crumble Iced Hot Chocolate.

Yep! That's right, you can actually order this beast of a beverage thanks to Starbucks' incredible secret menu... And it couldn't be easier.

Simply ask for an iced hot chocolate with vanilla cold foam on top, and cookie pieces inside and on top. Et voila! You've got yourself a dangerously addictive chocolate drink. Make sure you get enough cookie pieces, though. That's what makes the whole drink so delicious.

Thanks to a range of internet sleuths and genius baristas, there's a whole selection of delicious off-menu drinks you can try this summer (we've even rounded up some of our favourites here). But this Galaxy Cookie Crumble Iced Hot Choc has to be stand-out!

Seriously, we guarantee you'll be telling all your mates about this.

More of a coffee-drinker? That's cool, you could always try this with a mocha. Or, give this Kinder Bueno Frappuccino a go. It's your classic white chocolate frapp mixed with hazelnut syrup and crushed cookies. And it's absolutely delicious.

Sold? We sure are...

Brb, just searching the closest Starbucks (for good measure, you know).

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