PSA: Cadbury's Launched A Chocolate Orange Yule Log, And It Looks Delicious

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PSA: Cadbury's Launched A Chocolate Orange Yule Log, And It Looks Delicious

Chances are if it's Cadbury, we're going to be all over it. Whether it's the chocolate giant's build-your-own chocolate house, vegan-friendly bars or mint chocolate fingers, there's nothing we won't jump on. Including the brand's latest festive treat... a chocolate orange yule log!

Spotted online via New Foods UK on Instagram, the new chocolate yule log serves up to eight people and comes with a chocolate orange flavoured filling and sauce, covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with a light sweet dusting.

Not bad for a ready-to-eat yule log, huh? Available now in Asda, you can get your hands on one for just £2.50.

Perfect if you need a quick (and tasty) chocolate fix and great if you've got any festive dinner parties coming up, this yule log pretty much sums up our love for all things chocolate orange.

In other Cadbury news, have you seen this incred white chocolate gift set that's being stocked in Asda too?

The gift set contains two big ol’ bars of Cadbury white chocolate, a bar of Cadbury white chocolate with Oreo pieces, plus a winter wonderland bar, which is a Cadbury milk and white chocolate bar with Christmas tree-shaped pieces.

What's more, Cadbury's Christmas range doesn't even stop there! They've got everything from Christmas tree decorations to giant festive bars and chocolate tins.

In other words, we'll see you at the nearest Asda.

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