For A Protein-Packed Tomato Soup, Add In Some Poached Eggs

Bowl of tomato soup
Bowl of tomato soup - Anna_Pustynnikova/Shutterstock

There are not many dishes out there more classic than tomato soup. These vibrant bowls of rich flavor are easy to make, usually calling for little more than fresh tomatoes, butter, garlic, olive oil, and broth. Since this soup is such a simple blank canvas at its core, there are a lot of fun ways to jazz it up, so don't shy away from this opportunity to get creative in the kitchen.

There are so many ways you can upgrade a tomato soup, but if you're looking to pack some more protein, we have an easy addition for you to try out. For an extra luxurious pot of tomato soup, consider mixing in a few poached eggs the next time you make this fan favorite. The silky texture of poached eggs pairs perfectly with the smoothness of tomato soup. This typically thin, savory dish will become a little heartier, and the extra protein will help you stay full and energized for a longer period after eating. If you're intrigued by the idea of adding this ingredient into soup, here's how to try it out for yourself.

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How To Bring Poached Eggs Into Your Bowl

Poached eggs on a plate
Poached eggs on a plate - RomanaMart/Shutterstock

There are a couple of different ways to bring poached eggs into your tomato soup. For peak efficiency, and one less dish to wash, you can actually poach your eggs inside your pot of soup. To try this method out, start by following your favorite soup recipe as usual. Once you've got it simmering on the stove, crack an egg directly into the pot. (To keep the egg's shape intact, and prevent any shell pieces from sneaking into the pot, you can also crack your egg into a small bowl first, then pour it into the simmering soup.) Next, cover your soup and egg mixture with a lid and let it simmer until the egg white cooks through, which usually takes about three minutes. Repeat this process for as many eggs as you want, then once those minutes are up, grab your ladle and get ready to serve.

If you want to have a little more control over your poached eggs, you can also cook them in a separate pot and add them to your tomato soup after they're done cooking. Just repeat the above steps with a pot of salted boiling water instead, and transfer your eggs into your bowl of soup with a spoon when they're finished cooking.

Other Ways To Boost Your Bowl With Protein

Bowl of tomato soup with beans
Bowl of tomato soup with beans - Igor Ploskin/Getty Images

While it's easy to top tomato soup with an egg, let's talk about some other ingredients you can put inside for even more protein and flavor. To bring a bright edge to all those intense savory flavors, consider adding some fresh cottage cheese to your bowl for more depth. If you're not a fan of cottage cheese's texture, you can easily infuse your soup with protein by blending up beans and adding them to your soup in liquid form. White beans like great northern, navy, or cannellini will work well with the flavors of a tomato soup. If you prefer the added texture, you can also add these in whole, so there's no blending required.

New ingredients aside, don't forget to add a few other savory additions on the side to tie this dish together. Consider rubbing garlic onto some slices of sourdough to toast and then dip into this vibrant soup, or even coating the bread with a few slices of Gruyère to make a classic grilled cheese sandwich for your dipping pleasure.

If you want to give this classic fare a boost, consider trying out some of these simple changes and see which protein-loving addition you like best. If you don't have any other ingredients, a single egg will absolutely elevate a classic tomato soup, making an already cozy dish even more savory and delicious.

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