The pros of Meghan Markle having celebrity friends

The Duchess of Sussex has accumulated a lot of celebrity friends over the years, through her career as an actress and charity work.

Royal author Phil Dampier says: "The thing is rightly or wrongly, Harry and Meghan are now seen as a global celebrity couple.

"Some people probably don’t even think of them as royal, they just think of them as a glamorous couple, particularly younger people and I think they just like them for who they are, so it’s kind of a separate thing.

"Sometimes I think Meghan is possibly surrounding herself with Hollywood PRs or Hollywood agents and it is slightly different in the Royal Family, so that could cause a problem in the future, but out there in public, they don’t seem to mind."

Nick Ede thinks there are a lot of upsides to Meghan having celebrity friends: "She’s fantastic as a public speaker, she knows exactly how to talk to every single person.

"She’s also got a really great way of negotiating different things in her life and different events etc.

"I think being a Hollywood star is a fantastic thing, to have that as part of the Royal Family because they are celebrities. In the UK we see them as our Royal Family but around the world they’re ambassadors and that’s really what a celebrity is."