Proposals and Podium Finishes: 10 Inspiring Moments From the 2021 New York City Marathon

Between five boroughs, a cool 26.2 miles, and finishers in the tens of thousands, there were bound to be inspiring moments from the 50th TCS New York City Marathon, especially following last year's in-person cancellation. Ahead, we've rounded up some of those heartwarming and encouraging highlights for you to relive now that the confetti has settled and the ever-amusing, trusty runners' signs have done their job.

You'll see celebrations from pros and amateurs alike - because they were all winners in their own right - and even two marriage proposals! Though they sweat through a city that never sleeps, we hope these athletes got down time and shut-eye after a highly-awaited return of the Big Apple's marathon. Keep reading to take a look at ten moments we'll make sure to remember.

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