How to Properly Clean a Cast Iron Skillet in 4 Easy Steps

Megan duBois

Cast iron skillets really are a kitchen essential. In fact, I have a a few cast iron pans in different sizes that I use on a regular basis for things like perfectly seared steaks, baking decadent cakes, and roasting vegetables. But no matter what you choose to cook in your cast iron pan, cleaning it can be a bit of a challenge. You'll want to use as little water as possible to combat any rusting and clean the skillet while it's still hot (which sounds weird, but I promise it really does get clean).

I love the Lodge cast iron pans because they're the easiest to maintain. In just a few simple steps you'll have a clean pan that's ready to use again and again. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean a cast iron pan so it will last for years.


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