I Promise: It Could Not Be Easier to Apply the New Peace Out Retinol Eye Serum

Morgan Ashley Parker

When it comes to eye treatments, consistency is everything . . . and that's true in both senses of the word. It's important to get into a regular habit of applying eye products when you want to see results, but the product's actual consistency is just as key.

Now, of course, you want to protect and treat the sensitive skin under your eyes year-round, even with abbreviated routines while staying home and seasonal tweaks for winter. But that can be easier said than done as thicker creams can clump unattractively under makeup, and it's easy to accidentally apply too much (while repeatedly dipping your fingers in the same jar and touching your face).

Even if those reasons haven't prevented you from picking up an eye serum, this new Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick has so many powerful ingredients packed into one little tube, it makes a tempting starting-out point as a preventative measure as well. Ahead, find out exactly what's working hard inside, and why it checks off both of those consistency boxes.