The 'Project Runway' Finalists Share Their Fave Moments From Season 20

All eyes are on the runway.

As the mind-blowing 20th season of Project Runway comes to an end this Thursday, the three All Star finalists Bishme Cromartie, Brittany Allen, and Laurence Basse are pulling out all the stops to win the competition.

"I'm literally just realizing how beautiful this moment is. We're here! We made it," Basse tells PRIDE.

With this latest season being the first to cast designers who have all competed on Project Runway in the past, the challenges proved to be even more cutthroat.

"I knew it would be really tough. I was going to come head-to-head with people that I watched growing up and who influenced me to go into fashion in the first place," Allen says.

"It's surreal, but it's also one of those things that make you understand deep inside that you're doing what your purpose is. There's so many rewards that come from it," Cromartie adds.

While the contestants saw All Stars as an opportunity to redeem their missteps in the past, they're also inspiring the next generation to take a leap of faith with their own passions.

"The best thing that came out of it is how many people I was able to inspire every day. I had little girls coming up to me and trembling [for] little old me. That's the best thing for me," Basse says.

Project Runway is also pushing fashion forward as the show continues to gain momentum with each season elevating the competition.

"Fashion wasn't always accepted. People didn't view fashion as art. People didn't think you could do it as a profession. It shows people that no matter what you look like or where you come from that you're able to do what it is that you want to do. I used to think I was so different. The titles are great, but the impact that you give to the people that [are] watching is even greater," Cromartie says.

"My number one advice to new designers is just act like one of those horses at the Kentucky Derby and put on the blinders, run as fast as you can, and just try to win without looking around at what is going on around you. There are going to be people that talk bad about you behind your back. They're going to keep talking, [but] there are people that love what you do. You just have to not pay attention to anybody trying to suck you down," Allen concludes.

The finale for Project Runway airs this Thursday on Bravo. To see the full interview with the finalists, check out the video below.

The 'Project Runway' Finalists Share Their Fave Moments From Season 20