Professor Spending Record 100 Days Underwater In Bid To Reverse Aging Process

Associate professor and biomedical engineer Joseph Dituri, 55, is spending 100 days underwater in a specially built lodge - smashing the previous record of 73 days. He is hoping his Atlantean effort will further research into slowing the aging process. Dituri, a U.S. Navy diver for 28 years, will be 30 feet underwater at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, and will conduct research and teach classes there. He will also be visited by other scientists, students, and divers. He began his stint on 1 March. Dituri is advancing conclusions from a previous study, which found cells exposed to increased pressure doubled within five days. This suggests the increased pressure has the potential to prevent diseases associated with aging - and allow humans to live longer. He will also undergo a series of psychosocial, psychological, and medical tests before, during, and after his stay. He will also document the mental effects of being in an isolated, confined environment for an extended period – similar to space travel. Thankfully, Dituri’s quarters have a working toilet, kitchen, and shower - as well as the work and science area. As there’s no sunlight he must take Vitamin D supplements during his stay to remain healthy. However, he says it’s “nice and cosy” but says there is a “great view and a window”. The record of 73 days underwater set by two University of Tennessee researchers in 2014.