Professor Green believes 'baby brain' made him forget lyrics during comeback show

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Professor Green believes "baby brain" made him forget the lyrics to one of his songs during his recent comeback gig.

The Read All About It rapper and his girlfriend, actress Karima McAdams, welcomed their first child - a baby boy named Slimane - in March, and the musician believes he's suffering from "baby brain", a term which refers to memory problems and poor concentration reported by many women during pregnancy and early motherhood.

"My short-term memory at the moment... my manager has to phone me constantly to remind me what I have to do at least eight times otherwise it's: 'Yeah? I'm at home, I should be where?'" he told The Sun Online.

"I did my first gig in two years, two weeks ago. It was mental walking out on a stage 20,000 people, all not socially distanced. I didn't get to rehearse beforehand. I just had to walk out and pray to the gods that I would remember my lyrics, which I did in all but one song. My DJ stopped and I said, 'Let's be honest, guys, I forgot the words.'"

He added that his break from the music industry during the pandemic gave him invaluable bonding time with his son.

"If I was working at the rate I would be normally, I would have not been here as much... the bond with him has grown so much quicker. I can change nappies. Thoroughly modern man me," the 37-year-old jokingly boasted. "I put him to bed, I feed him, I do absolutely everything... I bathe him, I massaging him, I oil him before bed. You know, it's all of those things."

The rapper is currently building a platform for dads to discuss parenting and offer each other support after his Instagram group, The Unlikely Dad's Club, became such a hit.

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