Priyanka Chopra teases future joint projects with husband Nick Jonas

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Priyanka Chopra has promised that she'll never make music with husband Nick Jonas - but they are planning a few film and TV collaborations.

The 40-year-old began her acting career as a Bollywood star before making the move to Hollywood and starring in TV series Quantico in 2015.

Meanwhile, Nick, 29, became a household name as a teenager alongside his siblings in the pop group Jonas Brothers, and now acts alongside his music commitments.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Priyanka revealed that they've got a number of joint projects in the pipeline.

"I love working with Nick so you'll see things happen as the years unfold," she divulged. "But I'll never sing with him. No chance. He's a musical prodigy... We're definitely developing a bunch of TV and film stuff together."

The couple, who have a baby daughter together, recently embarked on a joint fashion venture, partnering with Perfect Moment, a U.K.-based luxury fashion and sportswear brand.

The label specialises in ski and surf clothing, and Priyanka said a capsule collection designed by the couple is something they've discussed.

"This is the first apparel, fashion and lifestyle company we've invested in," she added. "I grew up in India and I wasn't exposed to ski culture. But I did love the mountains. My dad took us to Kashmir every summer and I filmed a lot in Switzerland, so ski culture was something that I got familiar with. However, I never tried skiing until I met my husband, who's an avid snowboarder."