Priyanka Chopra shares her "therapeutic" nighttime skincare routine

priyanka chopra on her
Priyanka shares her "therapeutic" skincare routineDaniele Venturelli - Getty Images

If there's one thing we love, it's a skincare routine – yep, we're talking ten steps, toners, oils, serums, the lot! And, we're not alone in that, as Priyanka Chopra just revealed her skincare routine, which she describes as "therapeutic".

"I spend five minutes on it, just using my serums and oils – I find that time really centres me," she told Glamour. "I used to be that person that thought I was too busy to give time to myself, but if you can brush your teeth you can do this."

"Its therapeutic properties really help me feel good before I go to bed," Priyanka said of her evening skincare routine, echoing our thoughts exactly! "My wellness really comes from my mental health," she added. "I believe in having a sense of balance. I lived in extremes during my 20s, but that’s too tumultuous. Now I’m getting older I look for balance, whether that’s taking a walk with my dogs and the baby, or having a minute to myself with my face mask and my coffee, or oiling my hair, or my night time routine listening to some music. Five minutes of doing something for you can really help heal the day."

priyanka chopra on her
Daniele Venturelli - Getty Images

As for how her beauty regime ties into her wellness, the actor said: "It makes me feel happy and, in turn, confident."

"I really think the definition of beauty is internal," she went on. "And when you have the tools at your disposal to create that happiness, you radiate confidence."

Well said, Priyanka!

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