Priyanka Chopra reveals she and Nick Jonas got cute matching tattoos

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Priyanka & Nick got cute tattoos and we found picsPascal Le Segretain - Getty Images

Today in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas being cute, turns out they have couple's tattoos that we never knew about. Priyanka revealed this sweet fact during a British Vogue video, saying, "I have a check and a box behind my ears. My husband has them on his arms because when he proposed, he asked me, that I checked all his boxes, and would I check another one?"

She added, "My husband is super thoughtful. When he's around, everything feels like it'll be okay. He has taught me to approach things from a much calmer place."

Tragically, Priyanka didn't drop pics of the tattoos, but you can see the check on Nick's arm in this photo from back in 2019:

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Gotham - Getty Images

Priyanka also opened up to British Vogue about the early days of her and Nick's relationship saying, “We did go zero to 60. We didn’t know each other’s careers before we met. Like, didn’t know them well. So we do a show and tell once in a while and share random things that we’ve done to show the other person what we were like when we were younger." She added that, “He’s a wise man beyond his years. I get affirmations from him all the time, to remind me of my value when I forget or when I get insecure. He just sees through the fog for me. He sees the best in people.”

Head below for a full timeline of Priyanka and Nick's relationship if you want more ^ of ^ this ^.

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