Priyanka Chopra reflects on nearly 'losing' baby daughter after premature birth

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Priyanka Chopra has recalled how she was "so close" to losing her daughter as a result of her extremely premature birth.

The Quantico actress and her husband Nick Jonas welcomed a baby girl named Malti Marie via surrogate in January 2022.

As a result of complications, Malti had to be delivered a full trimester before her due date and needed immediate care.

In an interview for the May 2023 issue of ELLE magazine, Priyanka recounted how she feared for the worst when her first child was born, but is thrilled to now have a happy and healthy toddler.

"She's got me wrapped around her finger. I don't even know how I'll ever discipline her because I just don't have it in me. I was so close to losing her so many times that she can get away with anything and I just want to see her happy," she gushed. "I want her to be the happiest. She's a super smiley, happy baby, and that's all my goal is - to see her joyous. Every time she smiles, it lights up my world, and that's all I want to do."

In addition, the Citadel star noted that Malti has brought out a protective side to her that she didn't have before becoming a parent.

"I've seen my mom rip people when I've been hurt and I just never understood it. I was like, 'Mom, chill out. What are you doing?' Now I get it. I would take someone out," the 40-year-old laughed.