Priyanka Chopra can get ready in 10 minutes

Priyanka Chopra can get ready in "10 minutes".

While speaking to People about her favourite red carpet looks, the Citadel star revealed that on a regular day, she can be ready and out the door in 10 minutes.

"I can take literally 10 minutes to get out of the door," she told the publication. "I can be ready... in 10 minutes if I know I'm not in front of a camera."

Priyanka, 41, noted that she doesn't that the "patience" to spend more time on getting ready for the day.

"When your job is getting dressed for a living, then you don't see the glamour of it at home," she explained with a laugh.

"I'll find two outfits that I like, I'll decide which one I prefer, and then my hair and make-up is dictated by whatever the outfit is," the former Miss World stated of her day-to-day mornings.

She added, "And then it's usually a quick low bun, a ponytail, a top knot - one of those three different variants - and quick make-up. I hardly do any base, so I'll do mascara and a deep mouth, and I'm ready to go with some jewellery."