Priyanka Chopra Gave the Classic French Manicure a Dark, Sexy Twist at the BAFTAs

Tori Crowther

The french manicure has gone through many variations over the years. It all started with the classic '90s white tips, which slowly transformed into a modern, diffused take created by blending the edge, resulting in an ombré effect. Recently, though, celebrities have experimented with more vibrant and even darker twists on the design - like Priyanka Chopra, who chose the BAFTA Awards to try out the latter with black tips.

This modern take on the french manicure - created by London-based nail artist Michelle Humphrey - is extra long and features a deep arch to accentuate the dark hue of the tips and give a big impact. The stylish nails matched Chopra's equally chic bubble braid, Pertegaz blazer, and stunning Bulgari jewels.

Check out more photos of Chopra's black french manicure ahead.