Priyanka Chopra details the evolution of her personal style

Priyanka Chopra has detailed the evolution of her personal style.

During an interview with People, the Quantico star shared that she changed her style in her 30s because she wanted to wear "what I feel good in".

The 41-year-old told the outlet that she "may have been a little bit more trend-forward" when she was in her 20s.

"I think in my 30s, I realized that I want to wear what I look good in, what I look comfortable in and what I feel good in," she said. "My style is very important to me because I express myself. Feeling confident is wearing something that you feel like you look good in, and that happened to me, just, I would say, recently."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Citadel star discussed her partnership with Marshalls, an American department store chain, for its new Good Stuff Social Club, which gives women access to resources, tools, and community to help them achieve their ambitions.

"I'm really excited about this partnership on many levels," Priyanka stated. "First of all, I think that creating a community and a space for women to come together and talk about their dreams, desires, and aspirations is crucial.

"And to have a company like Marshalls put their might behind giving women, not just opportunities, but resources to think about how they can achieve their ambitions, is great. We need more of that in the world."

Priyanka delivered a masterclass as part of their collaboration last week.