Priyanka Chopra Defends Meghan Markle

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Days after confirming whether she’ll be a bridesmaid at Meghan Markle’s royal wedding on 19 May, Priyanka Chopra has shed light on her hopes and dreams for her BFF upon marrying into the British Royal Family.

During an interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show on Wednesday, the actress confirmed to the host that she was attending the nuptials and said Meghan was ‘born to be the wife of Prince Harry’.

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‘I’ve known Meghan for a few years now and I'm super happy for her, and I'm just really happy to be a part of her big day, ya know?’ she said.

Explaining that the Suits star was born to ‘be a global influencer’, the Indian star said that Markle’s new role as a Duchess serves as the perfect opportunity for her to live out her philanthropic duties.

‘She's always been someone who's so just aware and interested in the world,’ she gushed. ‘I met her three or four years ago and that's what we bonded on-was how much we feel like we contribute to that as public people. I really feel like that's what she was born to do and I hope this gives her the opportunity do that.’

When McCarthy mentioned that Meghan has received some ‘flak’ in recent months, Priyanka replied with what can only be described as the most badass, bonkers and brilliant response.

‘Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, roaches gonna rotate. Who cares? You do what you do!’ she said.

Anyone else want to adopt this as their new life manta?

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She added: ‘Public people are also human beings. You know that better than anyone else that it hurts. Of course it hurts…’

The Quantico star later revealed to Rachael Ray that her and Meghan still keep in contact despite their cross-Atlantic timezones.

'She still texts a lot, which is great,' she revealed before laughing off suggestions the royal family confiscated the bride-to-be's phone. 'I think she has a phone. She really is a [normal girl],' she added.

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Chopra will be one of 600 guests invited to attend Harry and Meghan’s nuptials at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle later this month.

We wonder what Chopra will wear to the big day...

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