Priyanka Chopra has 'cool scar' after getting injured on set of Citadel

Priyanka Chopra has a "cool scar" on her eyebrow to forever remember her time making the TV show Citadel.

In the new action-packed spy series, produced by the Russo brothers, the Indian actress and Games of Thrones star Richard Madden play agents whose memories are wiped after the global spy agency Citadel falls.

Priyanka did a lot of her own stunts for the thriller series and was left with a scar on her left eyebrow due to a run-in with a camera during one sequence.

"It was at the end of a rainy London day, and we were losing light so it was, 'Let's rush, rush, rush,'" she recalled to Variety. "The ground was wet, and I went an inch in front of where I was supposed to stop. So the camera came an inch closer to me and the matte box (attachment) took out my eyebrow. But you know, I have a cool scar and a good story to tell."

Despite her injury, Priyanka kept on going because she didn't want to redo the scene another time.

"I just put some surgical glue on her and closed her up and finished the day," she continued. "I didn't want to come back and have to do that whole thing again. I was just like, 'Let's just get it done.' I had fake blood and mud and stuff on my face anyway so you couldn't even tell."

The 40-year-old explained that she has "tremendous experience" doing her own stunts thanks to her Bollywood action movies.

"I was working 15, 20 years ago when I didn't even have stunt doubles. I had a little man wearing a wig with shaved arms that used to do stunts for me that were too dangerous, because we didn't even have women at that time. So I learned how to do my stuff," she stated.

Citadel premieres via Prime Video on Friday.