Pringles Launches A Gaming Set That Feeds You Crisps While You Play

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images

From Delish

For many avid gamers, eating without interrupting your game is a daily struggle. You are often faced with the tough decision of pausing or even ending your live game to take a bite of sandwich or munch on some crisps. This simply shouldn't be the case. And with Pringles brand new invention, things just might get a bit easier. Gamers, your prayers have finally been answered...

Thanks to Pringles' new nifty contraption, the Hunger Hammer, you will be able to game AND eat at the same time, because this headset feeds you whilst you play! Pretty crazy right?

Photo credit: Pringles

According to The Mirror, Pringles said: "Pringles has unveiled a gaming headset that does double-duty as an automatic chip dispenser.

“Hungry gamers can stay on their controllers and be fed chips hands-free by the Pringles ‘Hunger Hammer’ as they play on.”

This innovative headset has been developed as part of Pringles partnership with the new Gears 5 first-person shooter game.

Some gaming influencers have been gifted Hunger Hammers to test out while playing games during live streams over the next few weeks. So, keep an eye out on social. But bad news is that the headset is only a prototype, meanings it's unclear when, or if, it will go on sale. Fingers-crossed guys!

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