Princess Eugenie Made a Spelling Error on Instagram and Everyone Is TROLLING

Mehera Bonner
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From Cosmopolitan

  • Princess Eugenie accidentally spelled "you're" as "your" on Instagram in a post dedicated to her sister.
  • Fans are trolling Eugenie for her spelling fail, and the comments are best described as...mean.

Please say a lil' prayer for poor Princess Eugenie, because she is being monumentally trolled on Instagram for misspelling "you're." And tbh, we've all been there.

The Princess was trying to celebrate National Siblings Day by shouting out her sister Princess Beatrice, and hit IG with a cute pic from her royal wedding, writing "Happy National Siblings Day... and to my big sister, your the best especially when helping me and my dress into the getaway car. #nationalsiblingday."

So yeah, as you can see, our girl Eugenie obviously wrote "your" instead of "you're." And while the chances that she actually penned this caption herself seem slim (don't royals have other people to do that for them?!) the comments on her post are ALIVE with people very excited about the opportunity to call her out.

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Comments range from the simple-yet-passive-aggressive:

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To-as The Daily Mail notes-pretty mean musings like "Imagine being in line to the throne and not knowing it's you're" and "Eugenie's grammar and spelling are usually bad. So much for higher education!"

Oh, and also there are gems like "Seriously English language mistakes from English royalty? They can't be making such tiny errors. Reflects badly on them. Nobody can for that matter" and "It's a primary school level mistake which adults with a degree shouldn't really be making, we don't need to try and argue that grammar is somehow irrelevant today. It's not."

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Dang, who knew so many people had such strong feelings about grammar? Again, whomst among us hasn't made a mistake like this, so let's all agree to leave Eugenie alone, kay? Kay!

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