Princess Diana would be disappointed by homelessness problem, says Prince William

Prince William is supporting Comic Relief credit:Bang Showbiz
Prince William is supporting Comic Relief credit:Bang Showbiz

Prince William believes Princess Diana would be disappointed by the lack of progress in tackling homelessness.

The 40-year-old prince thinks the late princess - who died in Paris in August 1997, aged 36 - would feel frustrated that more progress hasn't been made over recent years.

In a clip from an upcoming interview for the British charity Comic Relief, William explained: "My mother introduced me to the cause of homelessness from quite a young age, and I'm really glad she did.

"I think she would be disappointed that we are still no further on in terms of tackling homelessness and preventing it than when she was interested and involved in it."

William recently visited a charity called Groundswell - which Comic Relief is supporting - and he recorded a podcast with two people, Nawshin and Miles, who have both been helped by the organisation.

He told them: "I'm here really kind of to learn a bit more from you both, to hear a bit more about your lived experiences of homelessness."

Miles hailed the importance of Groundswell's work.

He said: "Homelessness is about not having a safe space - it's a very isolating life. You exist, you don't live.

"Groundswell helps to give a voice to people who have experienced homelessness. People who experience homelessness have solutions if you just ask them - they know what needs changing."

Nawshin also discussed her personal experience of homelessness.

She shared: "I didn't have a choice but to leave home - I had a lot of childhood trauma and circumstances happened around me that were out of my control. Coming to Groundswell and being supported to share my story has really helped me. It is powerful for people to actually listen."