Prince William's very British coping mechanism for when kids keep him up all night

Many of us will have pulled an all-nighter in our lives – whether that's spent racing against the clock to get your last university assignment handed in or because your newborn baby needs feeding approximately every 17 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, the next morning is always pretty (read: incredibly) rough, and we each have our own coping mechanisms to help us push through the sleepiness and get on with the day. And that includes Prince William too, who recently revealed that he survives on a steady stream of tea, snacks and wine when he's had a disruptive night.

This week, during a visit to the Newquay Orchard – which offers environmental education, employability training and community events – the future King met with staff, volunteers and young people involved in the project. Whilst he was there, William spoke with nutritionist Monique Hyland, who had some questions about his morning routine.

prince william's coping mechanism when kids keep him up all night
Hugh Hastings - Getty Images

Sharing details of his usual go-to breakfast, the Prince of Wales said he typically starts the day with a healthy breakfast of two eggs, wholemeal toast with butter, apple juice and a cup of tea with milk and sugar. However, he admitted to letting his healthy diet slip on the day in question, opting for "a rubbish sandwich", too many cups of tea and even a red wine, due to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' nighttime antics.

"He was a little bit nervous to begin with when I asked him what he ate yesterday," Monique told Cornwall Live. "He was okay to start with as he had a healthy breakfast, but then he admitted someone had got him a 'rubbish sandwich' for lunch, and he had a chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine."

Monique also revealed that the royal had admitted to having "a few cups of tea for the caffeine" as his children had kept him "up at night".

BRB, off to put the kettle on...

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