Prince William and Harry had ‘week-long’ fight over Meghan Markle wedding

William and Harry
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In the run-up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, there was a fair share of tension brewing, particularly between the Royal brothers.

Every wedding comes with its own set of stressors and it's not uncommon for harsh words to be exchanged when emotions are running high. This is especially true for a Royal wedding where every detail is scrutinised.

However, there's regular wedding drama and then there's the peculiar dispute that Harry found himself in with his brother William.

The unusual disagreement revolved around whether or not the groom should sport a beard - at least according to Prince Harry in his chart-topping memoir, Spare. In Harry's version of events, his elder brother went as far as attempting to veto his facial hair, deeming it inappropriate.

He penned in his book: "A beard was thought by some to be a clear violation of protocol and long-standing norms, especially since I was getting married in my Army uniform. Beards were forbidden in the British Army.", reports the Mirror.

In the memoir, co-authored by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer JR Moehringer, Harry reveals he felt compelled to seek permission from his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, in person, explaining that the beard made him feel more at ease. Harry shared in his book that when he approached the late Queen, she gave her consent for him to keep his beard.

He noted in his book: "'Yes,' she said, 'you may keep your beard,' writes Harry. "But then I explained it to my brother and he... bristled? Not the done thing, he said. Military rules, and so forth."

Harry revealed that he gave his older brother 'a quick history lesson' with the help of Google, showing William images of Royal ancestors who were bearded and uniformed, like Edward VII and George V. However, when Harry explained that their grandmother had already given him permission to keep his facial hair, William "became livid."

Harry and William remain at odds
Harry and William remain at odds

Harry recalls his brother saying: "You put her in an uncomfortable position, Harold! She had no choice but to say yes."

Harry claims that William was furious and didn't drop the argument for over a week. According to Harry, it ended with William telling him to shave off his beard.

But when Harry questioned why it was so important, he got the response where William allegedly said: "Because I wasn't allowed to keep my beard."

Harry concludes: "Ah, there it was. After he'd come back from an assignment with Special Forces, Willy was sporting a full beard, and someone told him to be a good boy, run along and shave it. He hated the idea of me enjoying a perk he'd been denied."

It's worth noting that William has never commented on these claims or given his side of the story.