Prince Louis' reaction to eating a s'more for the first time is so relatable

prince louis' reaction to eating a s'more is so relatable
Louis' reaction to eating a s'more is so relatableDaniel Leal - Getty Images

It's an indisputable fact that Prince Louis is an icon. From his show-stealing antics at last year's Platty Joobs to the many (many) memorable moments he served over the coronation weekend. And it seems the young royal decided to go out with a bang this bank holiday, with his reaction to eating a s'more for the first time going viral on TikTok.

ICYMI, the whole Wales family took part in the Big Help Out on Monday which saw members of the Royal Family volunteer for good causes up and down the country. To mark the event, Prince William, Princess Kate and their three children headed to a scout hut in Slough to help with renovations – an appearance that has been highlighted as Prince Louis' first official engagement.

During the Wales family's visit to the scout hut, the group got their hands dirty as Prince William controlled a digger while Princess Charlotte supervised his efforts. Later the Wales children had a go at archery and then enjoyed some s'mores – toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits – around a campfire.

And it was during snack time that Louis stole the show once again. "Prince Louis' reaction when he eats a s'more on his first official engagement is everything," a TikToker wrote on the platform alongside several laughing emojis and a clip which showed the little royal almost passing out after his first bite.

"His reactions are always priceless," one person said in the comments section in response to the viral video, as someone else wrote: "That's also my reaction when I eat s'mores."

"He's so extra and I live for it. Love this kid," another royal fan commented, as someone else joked: "My man just tasted refined sugar, gluten and additives for the first time."

We love you Louis!

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