Prince Harry's ghostwriter just revealed Meghan's sweet gesture to him

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Prince Harry's ghostwriter just spilled allANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

The ghostwriter behind Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, J. R. Moehringer, has shared his side of the story – co-authoring the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time – and what it was like working with King Charles III's youngest son.

In an insightful piece published by the New Yorker, Moehringer got deep about the intricacies of being trusted to help tell someone else's life story, the wrestle between wanting credit for that and wanted to remain in the shadows, and one particular Zoom call that saw him and Harry clash.

Writing about one particular scene in the book, which sees Prince Harry undergo intense military training wherein he's part of a fake kidnap scenario, and the 'enemy' makes a cruel remark about Princess Diana, Moehringer reveals that Harry wanted to end that part with the sassy quip he shot back at the faux terrorist. In order to give the middle finger to the "people[that] had belittled his intellectual capabilities... this flash of cleverness proved that, even after being kicked and punched and deprived of sleep and food, he had his wits about him".

However, Moehringer writes that he (successfully) worked hard to dissuade Prince Harry from keeping that line in, sharing that it was more effective to let the cruel and disorientating actions of the captors in that scenario to speak for themselves.

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Prince Harry’s ghostwriter, J R Moehringer, at the launch of The Tender Bar in 2021Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Moehringer, who also co-authored Phil Knight's memoir Shoe Dog about founding Nike, shares that he spent time with Meghan Markle during the writing process too, even staying with Prince Harry's family in Montecito – and while there, he says, Meghan made a super sweet gesture to ensure he felt right at home.

"Harry put me up in his guesthouse, where Meghan and Archie would visit me on their afternoon walks," the writer describes. "Meghan, knowing I was missing my family, was forever bringing trays of food and sweets."

Later, Moehringer adds that Meghan also sent toys for his own children too. How sweet!

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