Prince Harry's former protection officer recounts story that is very telling

Staff writer

Ken Wharfe, the former Met Police Personal Protection officer to Princess Diana and her two sons, gave an interesting peek behind the curtain of royal life today on Nick Ferrari's LBC Breakfast show.

During his interview, Wharfe recalled one moment from the young prince that suggests the issues behind he and his wife's decision to 'step back' from the royal family have been there for much of his life.

Wharfe recounted the story of a four-year-old Prince Harry telling his brother he could do what he liked because he would never be king.

Wharfe said: "I had the privilege of working with his mother, William and Harry and many other members of the Royal family.

"I remember a moment of Harry as a four-year-old, travelling down to Gloucester one weekend. He and his brother had an argument in the back seat of the car being refereed by the nanny.

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"And in the end, Harry said: 'You'll be king one day, I won't. Therefore I can do what I want!'

"Diana said 'Where the hell did he get that from?'

"You have to remember he's one of the most popular members of the Royal family and we watched and witnessed the wedding in Windsor and everyone said it was the future of the monarchy.

"And suddenly it seems to be falling apart."

A family summit held at Sandringham on Monday was expected to decide issues like who'll pay for the couple's security if they spend much of their time in North America.