Prince Harry went bargain hunting in TK Maxx

Prince Harry used to shop at TK Maxx credit:Bang Showbiz
Prince Harry used to shop at TK Maxx credit:Bang Showbiz

Prince Harry used to buy "slightly damaged" clothes in discount store sales.

The Duke of Sussex - who married Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in May 2018 - has told how he used to love going hunting for bargains at discount retailer TK Maxx when he was single because the clothing allowance he received from his father King Charles only covered formalwear and he had to pay for his everyday outfits himself.

Writing in his memoir 'Spare', he revealed: "For my everyday casual clothes I'd go to TK Maxx, the discount store. I was particularly fond of their once-a-year sale, when they'd be flush with items from Gap or J.Crew, items that had just gone out of season or were slightly damaged,."

Harry told how the best items would usually be stocked on the first day of the sale and "with two hundred quid you could look like a fashion plate."

In order to go unrecognised, the 38-year-old prince would go to the store 15 minutes before closing time and wouldn't "dawdle" in the aisles.

He wrote: "If I found something promising I'd hold it up to my chest or legs, standing in front of a mirror. I never dawdled over colour or style and certainly never went anywhere near a changing room.

"If it looked nice, comfortable, into the bucket it went. If I was on the fence about it, I'd ask [bodyguard] Billy the Rock. He delighted in moonlighting as my stylist."

Despite Harry's love of a bargain, TK Maxx have insisted they "don't actually do sales".

A spokesperson said: "Whilst we're delighted Prince Harry is a big fan, we thought we should explain we don't actually do sales. Instead, we offer great value, style and savings all year round."