Prince Harry left in tears as he's supported by Princess Diana's family amid royal feud

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (R) chats with his uncle Earl Spencer
-Credit: (Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Harry has reportedly found support within Princess Diana's family amidst the ongoing tensions with the Royal Family, as per insights from a former Royal butler. The Duke of Sussex's relationship with The Firm has been icy following a series of explosive claims made against them. Despite the relationship hitting an all-time low, Harry did not engage with the royals during his recent visit to the UK.

Nonetheless, he received backing from Earl Charles Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes, Diana's siblings. Earl Spencer has previously pledged his unwavering support. At Diana's funeral, he promised that her "blood family" would always safeguard Harry and Prince William, providing them with spiritual and emotional armour, reports the Mirror.

Harry steered clear of any Royal Family encounters while in London and speculation had been rife about a potential meeting with King Charles, yet reports suggested the King's schedule was too packed to accommodate his son. There were no arrangements for Harry to meet with Prince William, with whom he now shares a strained bond.

Former Royal butler Paul Burrell expressed that Diana "would be devastated" by the extent of the Royal rift. In a conversation with Bella Magazine, Paul remarked that the discord would likely have been averted if Diana were still alive.

He contended: "She would have seen this starting and she would have stopped it. She would have made Harry apologise to Charles, and Diana would have been the broker of that - she was always the peacemaker. She wanted the four of them to stay together."

"It broke her heart when that disintegrated. She would have predicted that once that disintegrated, William and Harry would have had problems of their own and that has come true."

Nonetheless, without Diana's intervention, Paul believes "it's a lost cause".

Meanwhile, Royal pundit, Tom Quinn said Earl Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes showed "where their loyalties lie" after supporting Harry at his recent Invictus Games event. Previously speaking to The Mirror, he said: "The Spencer family have always felt uncomfortable with the Royal Family after the death of Harry and William's mother. Earl Spencer, Diana's brother, was openly critical of how the Royal Family treated his sister, criticism mostly aimed at Prince Charles (as he then was)."

Tom commented that there is "still a lot of bitterness around" and suggested the Spencers' decision to support Harry was telling. He told us: "The fact that the Spencers were out in force for Harry on this visit speaks volumes about where their loyalties lie. Like Harry, the Spencers still view the Royal Family, to some extent, as the adversary."