‘Prince Harry often thought about leaving the Royal Family and moving to Africa'

Danielle Stacey
Royal Correspondent

Prince Harry often thought about leaving the Royal Family and moving to Africa, a royal biographer says.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, says the young royal once wanted a different life for himself.

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ she says: “He had often thought about leaving the Royal Family and going off to Africa and looking after animals, that obviously hasn’t happened yet.

“I don’t think Meghan would quite like that now. Now he’s [Harry] married, he’s got an established family, they’re very tight together and he wants to do his own thing.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex became parents last month to son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

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Harry, pictured at the launch of Made by Sport, once thought about leaving the Royal Family. [Photo: PA]

Recent reports suggest the couple could spend up to six months at a time living in Africa over the next two to three years, as part of a sabbatical.

Meghan and Harry are also set to head off on tour of Africa this autumn and will visit South Africa, Malawi and Angola, according to ITV.

The duke is said to want to continue his mother Princess Diana’s work on landmines in Angola.

The late royal famously walked through an active minefield in Angola in support of the HALO (Hazardous Areas Life-Support Organisation) Trust in January 1997, just months before her tragic death.

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Princess Diana walks next to the edge of a minefield in Angola in 1997. [Photo: PA]
Harry pictured with Diana in 1989. [Photo: PA]

The Mirror reports: “Palace aides are investigating Angola’s security situation to see if Meghan and the couple’s newborn son Archie will be able to join Harry.”

In 2013, Harry visited the Cuando Cubango region in southeast Angola with the HALO Trust where he saw first-hand the impact of landmines on communities and the human suffering they cause.

On 17 June, the duke will also attend a Chatham House Africa Programme event on ‘Mine Clearance, Conservation, and Economic Development in Angola.’

Botswana, which may also be on the tour itinerary, also holds a special place in Harry’s heart - it’s where he whisked Meghan off to for her birthday in August 2017 and the centre stone in her engagement ring was sourced from the country.

Harry and Meghan also recently shared a photo of their 2017 visit to Bostwana on their Instagram account, when they assisted Dr. Mike Chase of Elephants Without Borders in equipping a bull elephant with a satellite collar.