Prince Harry just gave a very graphic retelling of how he lost his virginity

If there's one thing we didn't expect to be doing as we sipped our coffee this morning, it was reading details of how Prince Harry lost his virginity. Yep, you read that right. Whilst the thought of the Royal Family having sex is something many of us think never happens – just like our parents – obviously, that's not quite the case.

It's something that Prince Harry reminds fans of in his upcoming memoir, Spare – excerpts of which have been leaked ahead of its release next week – according to The Telegraph, who obtained a Spanish copy. "I was a 17-year-old willing to try almost anything that would upset the established order. At least that was what I was trying to convince myself of," the Duke of Sussex writes, according to the newspaper, as he recounts taking cocaine to "feel" and "be different".

The Duke goes on to say that, at the same age, he lost his virginity in a pretty public place – in a field behind a "very busy pub" – and that the older woman treated him like a "young stallion".

prince harry says he lost his virginity in a field behind a pub
Chris Jackson - Getty Images

As a result of his, err, escapades, Harry says a royal bodyguard was sent to check in on him at Eton College in Windsor and "find out the truth" about what he'd been getting up to. "I suspected he was referring to my recent loss of virginity, a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion."

"I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my ass and sent me away," he says. "One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us."

Erm, anyone else been put off their breakfast??

Cosmopolitan UK is yet to see a copy of Spare, and Penguin Random House has not confirmed whether the reported excerpts are genuine.

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