Prince Harry is dishonouring his grandparents at the worst possible time

Allison Pearson
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The Sussexes' interview with Oprah will air on Sunday - GETTY IMAGES
The Sussexes' interview with Oprah will air on Sunday - GETTY IMAGES

And so the Oprah interview with Meghan and Prince Harry moves towards us like a horror film.

A clip suggests that the Duchess has talked about how she had to leave an "unsurvivable situation". Poor thing! The living hell of that £32 million wedding and the much-restored Frogmore Cottage.

Meanwhile, 'Haz' tells Oprah that "things have been unbelievably tough" for him and his wife. Have they noticed there's a global pandemic on?

Then there is the timing.

Harry's 99-year-old grandfather is in hospital. You might think the Queen has enough to deal with without her family being cast, by a woman who joined them for less than two years, as a chilly cross between the Addamses and the Borgias.

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It's worth remembering that Prince Philip of Greece encountered a pretty hostile environment when he entered the Royal family.

A talented naval officer, he could have looked forward to being Admiral Mountbatten one day, but his wife ascended to the throne and he had to set aside his own ambitions.

It must have been hard for a man of his generation, but he would never have described it as "unbelievably tough", let alone complained on television.

Harry is dishonouring his grandparents at one of the most painful junctures of their long life together.

What on earth can he be thinking of?

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