Prince Harry accepts he had some 'responsibility' for family fall-out

Prince Harry's family relationships are strained credit:Bang Showbiz
Prince Harry's family relationships are strained credit:Bang Showbiz

Prince Harry has accepted responsibility for his part in the rift between himself and his father and brother.

The Duke of Sussex insisted he has made private "efforts" to resolve his dispute with King Charles and Prince William before opening up about their tensions in his memoir 'Spare' and subsequent interviews to promote the book.

Asked on 'Good Morning America' if he felt he had any "responsibility in the breakdown of the relationship" between himself and his father and brother, he replied: "Without question, I'm sure. What people don't know is the efforts I have gone to to resolve this privately, both with my brother and my father."

And Harry doesn't think the book can widen the "divide" between the family any more because relations are so strained.

He said: "I fully accept that writing a book is feeding the beast anyway...

"I have thought about it long and hard and as far as I see it, the divide couldn't be greater before this book."

But the 38-year-old prince - who has children Archie, three, and 19-month-old Lili with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - still feels they will reconcile one day.

He said: "But I genuinely believe that me and my family can reconcile, can put our differences behind us, but first there needs to be conversations and accountability.

"And if that doesn't happen, then that's very sad. But I will focus on my life, my amazing family that I'm so grateful to have."

Harry doesn't think he can ever fully "get out" of the royal family, despite stepping back from official duties almost three years ago.

He said: "I can't ever get out. And I'm incredibly aware of my position and I'm incredibly grateful for the life that I've had and continue to live, but there's no version of me ever being able to get out of this."