Prince George’s Christmas Present List Is Just As Lavish As Expected

The royal family is going all out for George’s last Christmas as an only child.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their relatives have apparently splurged on a whole range of luxury nursery buys that most of us could only dream of buying for our children.

Prince George Is One Lucky Boy [Getty]
Prince George Is One Lucky Boy [Getty]

One present the 16-month-old toddler will be unwrapping is a hand-crafted rocking zebra from Stevenson Brothers.

The gift, from maternal grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton, is worth a mammoth £4,650. We would say we’re sure it will sell out in no time, but we’re not sure how many parents could afford the high-ticket buy…

“A rocking horse has been on the Christmas list for some time,” a source told the Mirror. Apparently a modest £30 one from Argos won’t do.

Also on George’s Christmas list is a retro toy car worth £85, a Brio Deluxe Railway Set and a more modest gift of an illustrated book Happy Hooves Oh! Oh! Oh! by Anna Bogie.

George Is Thought To Be Receiving This Limited Edition Rocking Horse From The Stevenson Brothers
George Is Thought To Be Receiving This Limited Edition Rocking Horse From The Stevenson Brothers

Royal Festivities
Kate, who’s around five months pregnant with baby number two, has been getting George in the Christmas spirit by doing the Winter Wonderland rounds.

The Duchess start the festivities by taking her tot to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland recently, where the pair were seen having a go on the teacup ride.

The royal prince was also spotted visiting Santa’s Magical Journey in Norfolk, which is close to his parents' new country estate.

George, accompanied by both Kate and Wills, was reportedly in awe of the festive displays and even got a chance to meet Santa.

“George seemed to have a lovely time,” says general manager Geraldine Rye. “When I saw him, he was walking around.

“It was a private visit and they were not given any special treatment. We only knew shortly beforehand that they were coming.

“They went around the winding path in our exhibition centre and would have seen animated animals like polar bears, penguins and reindeers as well as elves and snowmen."

Kate, Wills And George Are Ready For Christmas [PA]
Kate, Wills And George Are Ready For Christmas [PA]

Despite his royal status, George didn’t receive any royal treatment from Santa and was given a wooden train just like all of the other children his age.

The Royal Christmas Agenda
Wills, Kate and George arrived in Norfolk on Thursday for Christmas and are thought to be hosting Kate’s family at their new ten-bedroom mansion, Amner Hall.

It’s located on the Queen’s sprawling Sandringham Estate, where the royal family is spending the holiday.

Meanwhile, we’ll be sat on the sofa in our pajamas watching terrible TV and eating budget mince pies.

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